Hiking and Bushwalking on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland!

Let Hike Australia do the planning and organising

Hike Australia offers a range of hiking and bushwalking services across Queensland including;

  • Scheduled multi day ‘lightweight’ or ‘through’ hikes (scroll down the page to see details)

  • Private and corporate guides for part, full or multi day hikes click here

  • Hike training including navigation click here

  • Gear hire. To inquire about gear hire, click on ‘contact us’ at the bottom of the page

Hike Australia multi day Sunshine Coast hikes


2 day hikes

Rainbow Beach

Sunshine Coast

Perfect for the beginner who isn't quite sure if they are ready to commit to the whole 'Lightweight hiking' thing.

These walks are generally up to 10km per day with a pack between 10 and 14kg.


4 day hikEs

Sunshine Coast hinterland great walk

Conondale range great walk

Okay so you're fit, you can walk up to 17km a day while carrying 15 or so kilograms on your back and you think you're ready...maybe.

Let us help you find out just how ready you are :)


5 to 9 day hikes

Cooloola great walk

Dang! Are you sure?

Well okay then.  These hikes are for those of us who are fit and aren't broken.

Just remember, if you come along and you're not ready, we're going to have to go all Bear Grylls on you (but seriously...we will).

Often over 100km of hiking with a pack full of everything that you need that can sometimes weigh up to 18 or 20kg for short periods of time.

It's hard work. But it's AWESOME!

About our multi day hikes

We've specifically built our offer so it caters for people of all experience and abilities (you still need to meet certain minimum requirements to meet our safety expectations for the hikes).  Each of our hikes is rated using the standard Australian Walking Track Grading System but we have also given them 'OAA rankings'.  Using the OAA rankings, you can see where we think each of the hikes fits when considering the range of hikes that we offer and their difficulty.  This way, you can pick the hike that you think suits you the best.  You can also use this system to work your way up from easy to hard as your fitness, experience and confidence increases.  For more details on the OAA rank, click here.

All of our hikes have at least two guides for the entire hike to ensure maximum enjoyment and maximum safety!

Whether you're;

  • New to the overnight hiking game and just want a taste

  • Experienced and couldn't be bothered packing your bulky, heavy, dirty and stinky gear

  • Not keen on planning the hike

  • Looking to hike with like minded people

That's what we're here for!

We'll make your adventure unforgettable by providing;

  • Serviced and reliable quality lightweight gear

  • Two local, friendly, experienced and professional guides on every hike

  • A focus on client safety at all times in all situations

  • Good quality, well thought out and enjoyable lightweight hiking food

  • A maximum of eight people on every hike

  • A bloody good time

Great discounts available for groups!

Payment plans for people who need help budgeting!

What is lightweight hiking?

For those who aren't entirely sure what 'lightweight hiking' means; it's when you carry EVERYTHING that you need for your hike. 

You may think this is the exact opposite of 'lightweight' and...you're kinda right but it refers to the requirement for all your gear and food needing to be as light as possible so you aren't carrying around a pack that weighs 25kg for the duration of your hike.

Upcoming hikes