About us

Outdoor Adventure Australia is an adventure provider based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Outdoor Adventure Australia is a growing business and acts as an umbrella company for businesses that we are acquiring along the way. These include Hike Australia (our hiking company) and Grab Rock (our abseiling and rock climbing company).  

As adults who were lucky enough to participate in adventure activities throughout school and young adult life, we were left wondering why no one was providing challenging adventures for adults!? So we did something about it.  We have become a lead provider of some of the most diverse and challenging activities in Australia and we are certainly not done building yet.

Created by people with a lifelong passion for having fun in the Australian outdoors and a desire to share this passion with everyone they meet.

The faces that you will see leading your activities are the tip of the iceberg when considering what goes on behind the scenes.  Realistically, Outdoor Adventure Australia is the result of a community of absolutely incredible people who I could never thank enough for what they do.  An incredible bunch of legends who I am privileged to have in my life.

- Kris



Our team

What a team! As the Director, I’ve been so privileged to work, train and play alongside this amazing bunch of individuals. Nearly every day my team inspire me with their positivity, vision and support for each other and our clients.

I cannot overstate how much appreciation I have for my team and the joy that they bring to running the business. I’m frequently ROFL at some of the comments and observations that they make and I love the value that this provides to our clients, to the business and to my life.


Kris Bullen - Director

Kris is an avid outdoor enthusiast.  As an only child growing up in the bush and then in a small surfing town, it was only natural that an adventurous outdoors lifestyle was par for the course.  Most days while growing up were filled with some kind of walk or ride through the bush surrounded by kangaroos, snakes and spiders.  

His passion for flora and fauna was only rivaled by his passion for community health and welfare.  This lead to University study in science, public health and psychology, resulting in a degree in Science with a major in Public Health.

Kris has had many vocations with some of the most notable being that of ;

  • Police Constable in the Queensland Police Service

  • Project Manager for the Queensland Dept of Employment and Training

  • Quality and Compliance Manager for a Registered Training Organisation - Skills International

  • Workplace Health and Safety Officer for numerous organisations

Obviously hobbies and interests are vast but hiking, abseiling, snorkeling, mountain bike riding, camping, kayaking, skateboarding and fishing are probably the most common. 

Kris also holds black belts in a number of martial arts and spent a number of years as a Queensland Scout and Venturer leader.

Formal certifications in the following;

  • Business management

  • Psychology

  • Public Health

  • Training and assessment

  • Physiology and anatomy

  • Epidemiology

  • Food safety (HACCP)

  • Operation of communications equipment

  • Bushwalking

  • Four Wheel Driving

  • Navigation

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Pru hansen - GM

Pru is a natural adventurer who loves getting out and exploring at every chance whether it be hiking, camping, snowboarding….or any other adventure thrown her way she will certainly give it a go. With experience within both Australia and overseas, Pru now happily calls the Sunshine Coast home and brings both her travel experience and learnt skills to Outdoor Adventure Australia.

With a Degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Ad.Dip Naturopathy and a qualified massage therapist Pru will help ensure your body holds up to the adventure...as best as possible.

Many of Outdoor Adventure Australia's amazing experiences are challenging, especially if you're not fully prepared.  Hence an expert in the fields of body motion and nutrition is a huge advantage as Pru will help reduce the chance of those pesky body aches becoming the difference between absolutely loving the adventure and...well...struggling.

Pru can help with stretching, warm ups/cool downs and of course ensuring adequate and appropriate food intake for the activity to maintain energy levels.

Pru has also undertaken training at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) whilst training for her black belt in Karate.

Outdoor Adventure Australia has stolen Pru away from Restless Explorers where Pru spent a number of years taking people on single day or night hikes throughout the Sunshine Coast.

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