Frequent Asked Questions


This information should be read in association with our Important Information page.

Why hike with Outdoor Adventure Australia?

Outdoor Adventure Australia work hard on your hike before, during and after the hike. 


We do all the planning in relation to what gear to take, sourcing and purchasing food and supplements specifically for each hike when considering distance, location, participants and climate.  We liaise with National Parks as well as monitor the weather leading up to the hike to make sure we are ready to get you in and out of the hike as safely as possible via our hazard identification and risk management plans.

For the bigger hikes we will be communicating with you to see where you are at in your preparation and make sure that you are ready for what's to come.  So expect our phone calls in the lead up to the hike :)


Although we generally hope that you don't notice it while you're enjoying your hike, we are monitoring everyone for signs of fatigue or mental and physical anguish.  We are there to help everyone get through the tough times as fast as possible so they can enjoy as much of the hike as possible.

We also monitor environmental conditions such as the weather or any signs of emergencies such as fires.  Your hike leaders are the first to encounter snakes and spiders on the path to make sure you don't step on or into them and we are there to deal with any medical emergencies such as snake bites, burns, broken limbs etc.


After the hike is done and everyone goes home to regale their stories with friends and family, that's when the hard work  We clean and service all the gear to make sure it's ready for the next group.  We soak packs, wash tents and sleeping bags...and the list goes on.

What happens if I hurt myself and can't go on?

We have extraction plans in place for people who become injured.  We carry mobile phones that we can use where we have signal and always carry a PLB for the locations that have no phone signal.  In cases of an emergency we can extract by land in some areas and in other areas extraction may be required by emergency services helicopter.  

This being said, these extractions are difficult and expensive.  This is why we need all of our participants to be hike fit before they come along (especially for the longer hikes).

All costs associated with extractions of individuals are borne by the individual being extracted. This is why we recommend that all participants arrange their own personal insurance that covers them for such an instance.

We are often in the middle of nowhere with no vehicular access.

We need you to be physically fit (level of fitness does depend on which hike you are doing), understand what parts of your body need the most support, invest in any aids that support these weak parts of your body.  Our team will help you through the mental and emotional challenges however good preparation of your body leading up to the hike will make all the difference between you enduring the hike and you enjoying the hike :)

Can my kids come?

Although we would love to bring kids along, because of the risks associated with lightweight hiking with people under the age of 15, we are unfortunately unable to have them attend.

What if I have my own gear?

We supply all the gear on our hikes however if you have some gear that you absolutely love and can't do without, then you're welcome to use your gear instead.  Please keep in mind that you use your own gear at your own risk and we don't accept liability for failure of your gear.  There may be some reductions in our price if you have your own gear, so please don't hesitate to ask the question :)

What food do you take?

We have a database that is able to generate food lists based on dietary and energy requirements.  We pack a lot of dehydrated food and our dehydrated meals are the best we've ever tasted!  We work hard on making sure that people are consuming what their body needs and it is a pleasant experience without weighing a ton.

I have some dietary requirements, do you cater for that?

We certainly cater for some dietary requirements but not all.  Best to send us an e-mail just to check :)

Do you do pick-ups and drop-offs before and after the hike?

We encourage people to make their own way to and from the hikes where possible however we understand that some people simply can't make that happen so we do offer a pick-up and drop-off service for those in need.  Price varies and generally starts at $50 each way.  Please let us know if you need this service and we can let you know the details :)

I have allergies, will this be an issue?

Most allergies should be manageable unless you are highly allergic to certain things.  Hiking exposes you to allergens as well as critters that bite and sting.  You will often be exposed to pollen and it is possible that you will get bitten or stung by something at some stage. 

How do we get back to our cars?

For most hikes we will transport you from Outdoor Adventure Australia Sunshine Coast Home Base (near Noosa) to the hike and back again.  You can leave your vehicle parked securely with us :)

Can we bring alcohol?

We're all adults so we're not going to dictate yes or no.  However, it's a long way to hike with extra unnecessary weight. Keep in mind that the enjoyment of the experience is our utmost priority (next to safety) so I would certainly strongly suggest that drinking in moderation and respecting everyone else present be the approach :).  Any injury or event that results from your consumption of alcohol will be the sole responsibility of you.

Should I wear jeans?

No. These are heavy and tend to cause chafe. Wear lightweight pants or tights/leggings.

What do we use as a pillow?

We provide you with an inflatable pillow that you can put a piece of clothing on to make it less plasticy. You can also stuff your clothes under your head to bulk it up a little.  Plenty of options usually :)

Do you supply towels?

How big are the sleeping bags?
They are lightweight so they are snug. If you are on the larger size, you may only get the bag zipped up to your hips but with your sleeping mat, sleeping bag liner and bed clothes, you should still be fine.

Are there toilets where we are camping?
There are toilets at all locations that we hike (although these can be somewhat...rustic).  Only the Rainbow Beach 2 day hike has hot showers ($2 coins required), BBQs and bins.