Lucinda Boys Week Oct 5th 2018 - Part two

Nearly go time!


Well this is the last time I will be writing before we head off at the end of the week.

The menu is finished and 95% of the shopping has been ordered so we can pick it up from Ingham Coles on the way through to Lucinda. This way there is more room for Mark to sleep in the back of the Patrol while disco Stew and I get us where we need to go.

Stew's tackle

Packing…well…Stew has packed all of his fishing tackle which you can see in the photo (hopefully the only photo of Stews tackle that we have on the trip). Mark plans to pack on Thursday night and realistically I only have to pack clothes and a few other bits and pieces because I’ve never really targeted big fish before and therefore I don’t have the gear and have to borrow it off the other lads lol. Matt of course lives a few hours down the road from where we’re going anyway so it’s just another day in the office for him (bastard). Actually I lie, Stew has sent me a photo of the gear that he has packed for me…in all honesty I actually really enjoy using handlines…I must remember my gloves.

Now I don’t want to get into trouble for putting too much out there too soon, just in case it turns sour, but what I will say about the weather is that so far, I’m not disappointed or concerned with the current forecast. Nuff said.

With only a few days before we leave, it’s likely that the next time you hear from me will be a video feed of the road trip which is always a bloody good time as well :) If you would like to keep in the loop, sign up using the subscribe option on the blog or like our Facebook page :)