Cooloola Great Walk 30th March 2018 - Preparation No.2

Last minute prep and checks

Well with just over 24 hours until the hike starts, it's coming to the pointy end of the planning process now.  Pretty much everything is packed except for a few of the last minute items that seem to continue to elude me as I struggle to arrange time to acquire them.

This is the point in time that you go over the pack list and the hike plan to make sure that everything is as it should be.  Making adjustments where required and lodging the hike plan with someone you know just in case things go bad and for whatever reason, they need to come looking for you.

It's also time to check the weather and any park alerts that may show any closures or additional precautions that are required.  Here's a couple of screen dumps from the Bureau of Meteorology for the time that the hike is running.

BOM weather chart

BOM weather chart

BOM Forecast

BOM Forecast

This is the 3rd version of this that I have seen today so I think it is safe to say that the weather will be wet and volatile.  A little like Melbourne weather...raining cats and dogs one minute and then sunny and humid the next.  As if hiking doesn't give you enough exercise, there's also going to be the additional cardio workout of putting the raincoat on and taking the raincoat off every 50 meters as the rain jostles for position with the summer sun...hopefully the sun is out enough to dry the socks out when needed lol

With all this in mind, I'll be packing an extra set of nice warm dry socks.

The next time you hear from me, the hike will be done and dusted :) 

Talk to you again in a week!


Kris - Director, Outdoor Adventure Australia

...maybe I should take an umbrella...