4WD training on Fraser Island

What better way to learn how to 4WD than by doing it all at a resort on one of the most pristine islands in Australia?

Before you even get to Fraser Island, you will spend 45 minutes traversing the mesmerising Blue water of the Sandy Straight.  Looking out for whales, dolphins, flying fish, turtles and even seals on the very rare occasion.


On arrival at Fraser Island, disembark the ferry and walk along the jetty that guides you to the front door of the beautiful Kingfisher Bay Resort. Keep an eye out for all the fish that love to swim around the piers underneath you.  This is your playground for the day.  You will spend the entire day at the resort relaxing, eating and learning 4WD techniques that will help you when you’re out and about.


The resort has an area dedicated to 4WD training where we show you how to control your vehicle in some pretty challenging terrain.  Learn how to control speed, acceleration and driving line to make your travels as safe as possible while having the minimal impact on the environment that you have come to enjoy.


If you want to put your new knowledge and skills to the test by upgrading to an overnight stay at the resort (who wouldn’t want to do this!?) then you will finish your day of training with dinner at the Maheno Restaurant.  But our favourite part of the upgrade is definitely starting day two with a buffet breakfast before jumping in the vehicle and self driving Fraser Island.

Choose your own adventure on day two and travel the island in your own time making sure that you enjoy lunch at Eurong Beach Resort.


  • Learn how to operate a 4WD vehicle in a variety of situations and conditions

  • Enjoy a day at the beautiful Kingfisher Bay Resort

  • Travel to the resort via ferry over the crystal blue waters of the Sandy Strait

While enjoying the glorious panoramic views of Fraser Island, why not challenge your driving skills in a relaxed and informative 4WD training session conducted by experts? Spend the day at the beautiful Kingfisher Bay Resort, with theory and practical training, morning tea and lunch included.



We’ve worked with Driver Skills International and Kingfisher Bay Resort to develop this product and we know that people like some flexibility and choice so we have developed two options for you to choose from.


One day of training on Island

What's Included?

  • Return passenger ferry transfers

  • Half day theory training

  • Half day practical training

  • Morning tea and lunch in Kingfisher Bay restaurant


From $316 per person

Two Day upgrade

What's Included?

  • Return passenger ferry transfers

  • Overnight accommodation at Kingfisher Bay Resort

  • Half day theory training

  • Half day practical training

  • Full day self drive on Fraser Island

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Queensland Parks and Wildlife Permit


From $516 per person